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“In het ergste geval, leer je er iets van.”

My name is Matthijs Langenberg, I am - years old and live in Enschede, The Netherlands. What I strive for is to make people's lives easier, through great products.


2009 - present Nedap N.V.

Groenlo Product Developer

Ons Messenger

Dutch home healthcare is typically organized by dividing care into individual routes. A team of nurses takes care of patients in a particular neighborhood, each route assigned to a single nurse. When you as a nurse start and end your route at your own home, without seeing any coworkers, how do you keep up to date with your team?

Ons Messenger (Berichten) is a messaging platform targeted to provide collaboration and information sharing in larger groups (between 15 and 30 people). Powerful integration in all Nedap healthcare’s products allow quick ways to reach out to a single care manager or to several teams of nurses.

Communicate open shifts. Or ask your team if someone can take over your own shift. Share best practices. Ons messaging supports threaded conversations, and notifies you about important messages.

Integration in our web applications is done by simply including a JavaScript file. This JavaScript client library handles all persistency and retrieval of messages for you. As a developer you only have to build a user interface on top of provided event triggers. Incoming messages automatically update your user interface because a pub/sub mechanism is already integrated.

Ons messenger already handles over 100,000 messages per day.

  • communication
  • collaboration
  • Ruby on Rails
  • JavaScript

Nurse portal - Dossier

In home healthcare, patients usually have a paper notebook at home, used by nurses as a log book. In it medical information is written down for the next nurse and the patient’s family.

Unfortunately, this is not always the best solution. Often a nurse needs to know what happened, before arriving to the patient. As it is not very decent to start reading the log book upon arrival, the consequence is that the nurse only reads the information a the end of the visit.

Then there are also the family members who want to be kept up to date, but simply do not live close enough to bring a visit every few days. Why do we store such important information only in one place?

The dossier allows nurses to share what they noticed today with the whole team. Even if you as a nurse are not scheduled to visit a particulare patient for a week, you are still kept up to date. It is even possible to send a message to the family, through the secure care takers website Caren.

  • careplan
  • caren
  • java
  • HTTP caching

Ons Memory

Made a memory game for children. It was playable at the Nedap open house in October 2011. We used icons and characters from Nedap healthcare products and marketing material.

It is a variation on the age-old game Memory, but uses an NFC capable phone and MiFARE RFID cards.

Instead of flipping a card, the users would simply tap a card to play. The game is more difficult than the original, since you do not see which pairs you have guessed or memorized already.

  • NFC
  • J2ME
  • GAME
  • MiFARE

Nurse portal - Smoelenboek

When care providers are growing larger, care for more patients and hire more nurses, it is easy to get disconnected from the social aspect.

The ‘Smoelenboek’ lets nurses get in touch with each other. You can find contact information of your colleagues by name or expertise. Or just browse all the teams and learn more about fellow team members.

In the end it matters that in a large company, you are more then a just a number.

  • Ruby On Rails
  • Raphaël

iO Open

When nurses need to take care of patients with limited mobility, getting the key to enter the house often requires additional travel time. And what happens when a nurse looses a key to the patient’s house?

With iO Open, a nurse can visit her patients and use her mobile phone to open the door. All visits are automatically logged and access can be revoked remotely.

  • NFC
  • secure element
  • Nokia
  • Ruby on Rails

Feb - Jul 2009 Ellerdale Inc.

Menlo Park, California Internship

Bachelor Thesis

The design and implementation of a distributed and scalable Web crawler. Used to get an understanding of the Semantic Web.

  • HBase
  • Hadoop
  • Semantic Web
  • Java

2006 - 2009 Newminds B.V.

Hengelo Software Engineer


During my internship I designed the architecture for a hosted e-commerce platform, consisting of the following components: ERP backend with product info and inventory management; In-store POS solution with barcode scanner, receipt printer, cash tray and PIN (debit card) terminal; Connected and real time updated webshop.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Web
  • Dynamics Nav
  • C Language


Created a hosted website platform, powering static pages for Shopr webshops.

The platfrom is multitennant, allowing the creation of a website by a single click in the management interface.

Content is easily published by integration with Windows Live Writer.

  • Ruby language
  • MERB
  • WordPress XML-RPC

Aviko potato

Allow farmers to receive real time updates on quality samples of their sold potatoes. Give them the ability to bid and accept tenders.

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Web
  • Dynamics Nav

2003 - 2005 Ellage Electronics B.V.

Gramsbergen Production assistant / system manager

Linux server

Next to doing electronics assembly, I setup a Linux server to provide web and email services for the company.


2005 - 2009 Saxion University of Applied Sciences

Enschede Technische Informatica


Eleven faces on the wall. Occasionally they look at each other or suprise you. No one is in control.

For the course RealTime Embedded Systems an interactive videowall was created. The wall consists of a grid of twenty screens. Connected to every screen is a mini-pc, on a wired network.

The system is autonomous, this means that every screen works independent of other screens. There is no central control, no conductor for the orchestra.

  • Java
  • VLC Media Player
  • Autonomous


Programmed a robotic car to driver over a white line of tape across the hall.

The RC car tried to drive as fast as possible, while decreasing speed to steer in corners. Equiped with a sonar, it steers around obstructions on the line.

The driven path was wirelessly transmitted over a radio connection to the base station, which used the data to draw a map.

  • Team Software Proces
  • C++
  • Radio

1999 - 2005 Vechtdal College

Hardenberg HAVO profiel Natuur & Techniek

Profielwerkstuk looplicht

Created a running light as seen in Knight Rider’s KITT.

Started by taking a car’s center brake light and modified it in such way that every individual LED is controllable. By grouping the twenty-eight LED’s in four groups of seven LED’s, and using multiplexing, every LED is addressable while only using eleven I/O pins on a PIC16F84 microcontroller.

  • Electronics
  • Microcontroller
  • Assembly language

Independent Studies

Stanford Compilers class (2012)

Since I have studied computer engineering, a compile course was never part of my curriculum. However I did study digital signal processing and writing assembly. In my day job, I only use high level programming languages. So I took the opportunity to follow an online course to bridge the two domains and write my own compiler by hand.

In that course, writing a full compiler including lexical analysis, parsing, type checking and code generation for a real machine was satisfactorily completed. Also completed a theoretical exam in lexical analysis, parsing, syntax-directed translation, abstract syntax trees, types and type checking, intermediate languages, dataflow analysis, program optimization, code generation, and runtime systems.

Stanford Human-Computer Interaction class (2012)

Programming is just a tool to solve problems that people perceive. The true difficulty lies in understanding the question behind the question. This can only be understood by observing instead of listening.

By following the online HCI course I have learned how to design technologies that bring people joy, rather than frustration. Using human-centered design skills, I learned principles and methods to create excellent interfaces with any technology.