Bali was my first photography trip. I even bought a camera specificaly for this purpose as I normally just take snapshots with my phone. Bali is such an exotic location and I saw it as a challenge to learn how to capture this in a series of images.

I must say, Bali did not disappoint and I had a wonderful time.

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I guess I owe this one to the jet lag that caused me to be awake at four in the morning. With a hotel close to Sanur beach, I just had to get out for a sunrise shot.

Little did I know that one of the first images I had shot, would turn out to be one of my personal favourites.

The mount Batur sunrise trekking was one if the highlights of my visit to Bali. Be prepared to leave really early (2 AM hotel pick up) and hike over 2.5 hours up against gravel and vulcanic ashes.

At the summit you will be rewarded with one of the most amazing views you have ever seen.

On Gili Air I was lucky to see this scene with a horse being washed in the sea by its owner.

I was actually making photos of the sunset a couple of hundred meters away from this location, so for this composition, I had to make a run for it. Definitly worth it. I’m happy with the silhouettes on the foreground and the blue and pink sunset colors.