In 2017 I joined a local photography course organized by Oyfo in Hengelo. Teacher Henk van der Stouw introduced me to various topics such as portret, macro and architectural photography.

Henk van der Stouw is an amazing photographer and I admire the preparation and creativity he puts into his classes, while running his own professional photography business.

One of the best ways to learn is by receiving feedback from a group of like-minded people. Every week we were tasked to experiment with a specific photography challenge. I’m proud to share the results of these weekly assignments.

“Take a portrait photo that tells a personal story about your subject.”

“Glassware Photography”

This setup included a sheet of glass on top of black cardboard. A piece of chalkpaper with a strong light source from behind the subject. And black foam board on the sides to enhance the contrast and give shape.

It’s a particular challenge to light the bottle label accordingly.


The first photo is taken in Roombeek, the second photo indoors at the Medisch Spectrum Twente, Enschede.


Sea Salt shot with a 50mm lens reversed on a 200mm telephoto lens.


Public transport bus in Enschede.

“Night photography”

Arrival of NS train at Hengelo station. Music venue Metropool and Siemens Hengelo can be seen in the background.

This image is taken in context of a group assignment. At one particular evening, all students went out together to take photos in and around Hengelo railway station.

“Free assignment: a strip of Paracetamol”